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Belgravia Porphyry Project

Belgravia Porphyry Project: March 2020

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  • Detailed Aeromagnetic Survey expanded to cover entire Belgravia Project 

Successful outcomes from the previous high-resolution magnetic survey has propelled the Company to expand the survey to the remainder of the Belgravia Project

The high-resolution survey will cover five priority target areas: Sugarloaf Creek, Guanna Hill, Shades Creek, Nandillyan and Strathmore

Systematic exploration continues to deliver results, including multiple targets in the same rocks that host the giant Cadia-Ridgeway mine 35km south and Alkane Resources Boda discovery 65km north.

The contractor, MagSpec Airborne Surveys Pty Ltd, using a Cessna 210 aircraft, will fly at heights between 30m–40m, on 50m line spacing in an east-west direction with tie lines every 500m in a north-south direction (Figure 1). The survey will collect ~2,000km line kilometres of data and highlight areas of possible porphyry-style alteration, intrusive bodies and potential mineralising structures.

Chairman Colin Locke commented below:

“Given the effectiveness of the previous aeromagnetic survey at the Bell Valley Target Area, a timely program across the remainder of the Belgravia Project was critical. With several promising geophysical anomalies currently being drill tested at Bell Valley, covering an area less than 10% of the total Belgravia Project area, we look forward to the results of the expanded aeromagnetic survey.” 

  • Other target areas to be covered by the Aeromagnetic Survey

As reported, work to date is currently focussed on the Bell Valley (Copper Hill North East) target area. The five other target areas (Guanna Hill, Sugarloaf Creek, Shades Creek, Strathmore and Nandillyan) are yet to be systematically reviewed. See Target Map (right).

(Image)  Belgravia exploration targets

(Image) Belgravia exploration targets